Len Summa- Event Organizer

“As a co-organizer of this event, we are not promoting our own brand, PawnMaster, but are representing the industry with our mission of education, training and support. “

Len Summa PawnMaster CEO

When I first entered into our industry I was hungry for information and knowledge about the industry.   I noticed there were several events you could go to but they were heavily dominated by vendors. When Vernon Stading said he wanted to create a conference without vendors and centered on education, I was all in!

Our presentations will be geared towards marketing and online sales for ALL Pawnbrokers regardless of the software that they have because it will focus on best practices and using what you have at your disposal.  I want to contribute to the business owners in attendance because I was one myself and know of the many challenges that come with being a business owner on so many levels outside of your core operation.  My contribution along with two other marketing professionals will be centered around Sales, Marketing, and the two area’s really impacting the small business world today… Social Media and On-line sales.  There is a lot  of fluff around these two areas these days, which can drive you bonkers on what is right, wrong and most effective for your particular business.

The other events in the industry are very valuable but there is still a void of education and wealth related business training.  That is why my team and I are making the investment into this event!  Learning and collaborating is more readily absorbed knowing here where there is no “sales pitch” as the agenda.  Come see for yourself.  You will not regret it!